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"Inclusion: The Key to Growth and Expansion of the Marketplace" was the theme for the 7th Annual Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street Project Conference which was recently held in New York's Sheraton New York Towers. Sponsors for this year's conference were leaders of Ariel Capital and Citigroup.

Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street: Forerunner in Civil Rights Economic Summits
Each year the conference convenes on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and works diligently to provide one of the country's state of the art economic summits in America. Rainbow/PUSH Wall Street's primary mission is to "assure equal opportunity to America's underserved consumers, employees and entrepreneurs by sharing knowledge and information regarding access to capital, industry and technology." This project has been coined the "last stage of today's civil rights movement."

As usual, the list of conferees was stellar and included numerous workshops and presenters. Topics included a Civil Rights Strategic Planning Session, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, a Legal Counsel's Roundtable, Access to SBA Funds for Minority Businesses, National HBCU (Historically Black Colleges/Universities) Business Dean's Roundtable, Time Warner Private Equity Investment Session and extensive interchange with Hip Hop Radio, Television, Print and the Internet.

In Recognition of Rap/Hip Hop as Key Economic Entity
Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was awarded the 2004 Entrepreneur of the Decade Award "for business savvy as a recording artist, record producer, television, host, restaurateur, designer and philanthropist. Sean "P. Diddy" has reportedly "torn down the barricades that continue to segregate music and society" through is own music which allows various genres to integrate and give life to the unique and fascinating music form or rap/hip hop.

Mr. L.L. Cool J received the award for the 2004 Hip Hop Trailblazer Award. He was recognized for "outstanding accomplishments in music, television, film and philanthropy." Born Todd James, LL Cool J (aka Ladies Love Cool James) began his career in Queens, New York at the age of sixteen despite his unofficial debut into the genre at the age of nine. His first mixing table was purchased by his grandfather and Todd James began recording tapes in his home. James sent his tapes to numerous record labels and eventually attracted Def Jam Productions to his talent. He was signed in 1984 and his first single "I Need A Beat" sold more than 100,000 copies. Thus L.L. Cool J became established in the rap industry.

Russell Simmons, a successful financial wizard in his own right, assisted Rev. Jackson in awarding the honorees.

Companies Acknowledged for Diversity and Inclusion Practices
Additional 2004 Trading Partner Awards were given to Border Media Partners, LLC, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group, Eastman Kodak and the Ford Motor Company.

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