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From the pastor's desk

Making Plans for 2004

Now that we have entered a new year. What changes do you plan to make?This year some people want to lose weight,some want to save some money,travel,get a better job,get a better car or make new friends.

but what about your relationship with god?Will rather or not your relationship is good with god. Will there is more important things then buying a new car. Maybe you can spend more time in prayer,instudy of the word of god in his fellowshipwith the people of god.

James write to us today about putting our life in order.James says there is one life giver,who is ablet to save or destory,who art thou that judgest another go to him now and tomorrow we will go intothe world a better person than u already are.

Instead ofbuying and sellin and to get gain. because some day you will sit there and say were has my life gone what have I gain in my life with out god.And there for if the people that worship god and those who dont can come to the lord and ask for the blessing of the lord shall walk the gates of heaven.

So next time you make plans for the new year think about the blessings from god.

James 4:12-15



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