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Dear MB Readers,

Expressions of love will be given out to many people as they celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14, 2004. People will be caught up in the frenzy of giving and receiving beautiful expressions of love wrapped in pretty red paper and ribbon.

How wonderful it is when someone surprises you with a special gift that simply says, “I Love You.” Children give Valentine cards to their classmates letting them know how much they care about them. All of these gestures are great, however, what does it mean to give from your heart? Love in Webster’s dictionary states, “To show strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; affection based on admiration; benevolence, or common interests, etc.”

Given that definition, how many gifts do you give from your heart? Hopefully, you’re not caught up in just the holiday which commercially says you should give to people you care about. Hopefully, you will put some genuine thought into what you give and to whom you give to. You can express love in many ways from giving expensive gifts to giving those gifts that might not cost as much, but sometimes have a deeper meaning for the individual.

In these times, we all need one another and the time is now to express love. Lives go quickly and taking time out to show someone you care about them can mean a lot. Tell someone this Valentine’s Day that you love them.



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