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Marcus Jefferson - General Manager.
Ernie L. K. Boone - Sports Editor.
Marcus Jefferson
President & GM
Gregory Kelley
Ernie L. K. Boone
Sports Editor
Position Open
Web Intern

To be considered for inclusion in the Michigan Bulletin:
Articles, editorials, and pictures need to be submitted to editor @ mibulletin.org

All articles should be typed, include signature (when mailed), address, e-mail contact (if available) and telephone number or they will not be considered for publication. The Michigan Bulletin / MiBulletin.org reserves the right to edit all letters and photographs. The letters will not be returned. Digital photos are preferred and should be submitted in JPG or TIF format. Mailed photos will not be returned unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope is enclosed. Include a section at the bottom of your article titled "Photo Information" with the following details:

  1. The name you have given the picture.
  2. The name of who took the picture and where and when (so we can credit the photographer).
  3. Full names of people in the picture.
  4. A suggested caption for the picture.
  5. You are responsible for any legal releases/ charges from the photographer and people in the picture. The Michigan Bulletin or it's staff may not be held accountable for any legal liabilities or financial obligations.

Letters to the Editor should be e-mailed to Editor @ mibulletin.org and sent to:

The Michigan Bulletin
c/o Editor
P.O. Box 24084
Lansing MI 48909

If your are interested in advertising within The Michigan Bulletin Newspaper, please contact Marcus Jefferson or send an e-mail to advertise @ mibulletin.org  - Current publishing schedule is the 1st and 15th of every month. Camera ready copy is due 7 business days before publication. E-mail to advertise@mibulletin.org -

Information in MsWord Doc Format

Current mailing address, phone, fax numbers and Account Publication name.

Mailing address is:
Michigan Bulletin
4215 W. Michigan STE 3
Lansing, MI 48917

Advertising/Accounting Number: 517-321-1234
News: 517-646-9685
Fax Number: 517-702-0175
General Manager: Marcus Jefferson


Distribution Information

1. Day(s) of the week we publish:
It varies with editions, usually the 1st and 15th of each month

2. Total number of copies distributed on the day(s) you publish:
10,000 copies

3. Type of distribution (Free, Subscriber, Combination, etc.):
Free distribution with some subscriptions

4. Cities distributed to and number of copies for each city:
Lansing Metro = 8,000 Jackson = 2,000

5. Page Size:
A total of 126 column inches, Width 13 inches, Length 21 inches

6. Number of columns per page:
There are 6 columns per page

7. Readership:
We have a readership of 30,000. Ages range from 12-65

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